Please add Ronin support (Axie Infinity)

Axie Infinity has moved to the Ronin chain. Please add support for this. Thanks!


It’s noted.

Our dev team is working around the clock to improve Koinly features as well as adding new exchanges, coins, and blockchain support for our users. We might not support what you want right now, but rest assured, we listen to our community and we’re working on it. So please bear with us as we try to improve Koinly for you now and in the future.

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Hello Anakin_Koinly.

Has there been any progress on adding support for the Ronin chain? Axie Infinity has been having a lot of success lately, and more users will need Ronin chain support, including myself.

Thank you in advance!

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Any update on Ronin Wallet integration?

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Bump this thread, I would like to have Ronin Wallet Integration too so my transactions are correctly sorted out!

Yes, this would be a live safer.