Please add OMI (ECOMI)

Trading on BitForex currently, it’s a GO-20 token (GoChain) 100% ETH compatible so should be straight forward to add hopefully! :slight_smile:


I too require OMI an ERC20 added. I have stored mine in Trust Wallet. This coin is gathering more buyers as its providing top quality NFTs … Thanks. Also The Bitforex API keeps failing when syncing due to “Beta” message.


I also will need OMI (ECOMI) added and also using BitForex and also having issues with API sync and cannot find how to upload CSV but I guess it won’t matter if there is no OMI support.


Here too!
I bought OMI as well and would be greatful for adding.


+1 to add OMI
Thank you


Yes, please add OMI!

I’m also getting the “requires beta access” message when trying to sync with BitForex.



Has anyone been able to figure out how to export the .csv of our transactions from BitForex while we wait for the API to come around?

For the Koinly devs, I noticed the API on BitForex defaults to “Trading” permission and requires an IP address in order to retain the API >90 days. They need a “Read Only” option without a source IP requirement.



I asked BitForex about this and they told me Bitforex can’t generate .csv files yet. So we’ll need the API.


+1 Please add OMI and a non-trading API on Bitforex


+1 Also trading OMI on Bitforex. Please add support for it :pleading_face:

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Is there a proper forum where Koinly allows us to make requests and they actually respond?
Or is this that forum and we just have to hope that they notice? :smiley:

What are people doing in the meantime? Adding tx manually?

I spent over 30 minutes searching Bitforex for a way to generate a csv file. Your post saved me from wasting anymore time. Thank you!

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I’ve been holding out hoping that either admins respond here or Bitforex starts offering .csv files.

@koinly can someone advise whether this request has been noted? Thanks!

I have this same need.
Hey @chrisolufc, quick question that I know doesn’t relate to this but I have OMI on Metamask (GoChain). Do you know if it send OMI (GO-20 token) directly from the Metamask (GoChain) to BitForex OMI will it deposit as an ERC-20 token into BitForex?

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+1 for adding Omi, I’ve already voted on the Feature Request: Please add coin OMI (ECOMI)

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+1 Please add OMI (ECOMI)

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Come on Koinly, Please add OMI and a non-trading API on Bitforex and integration for the Trust wallet.

I too have to track my OMI transactions. Please integrate GO-20 tokens!