Please add OMI (ECOMI) - Re-opened


Tax season is here and there seems to be support for the OMI token but still no GoChain integration. I cannot add OMI to the taxes!! Please advise, I’ve seen discussions talking about this 8 months ago and that it was on the developers list. Any updates? Cannot proceed to pay for the service without this feature.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

I too want to know about this. I want to add my omi transactions on bitforex to koinly, how do I do it? The api does not work. CSV created by me based on transaction history does not seem to work either. How can i import my omi transactions to koinly from bitforex? Are there plans to do this atleast before the 2022 tax season?

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commenting to stay updated on this thread. also curious.

Any updates? I also cannot upload my Bitforex account to Koinly.