Please add EGLD (Maiar Exchange) Staking Rewards functionality

Describe the problem:
The Maiar Exchange ( on EGLD offer significant incentives for liquidity providers in terms of staking rewards (MEX, LKMEX). As of today, Koinly can integrate the EGLD wallet, but does not capture staking rewards. This is highly problematic for Maiar users, as we farm, harvest and restake daily; often requiring multiple transactions per day. Over the course of months to years, the current process will require us to create manual spreadsheets with hundreds of microtransactions… not only labor intensive, but also highly error prone.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Maiar Exchange on the EGLD (Elrond) Network

How did you import data into this wallet?
Used Koinly’s EGLD wallet integration, but it did not include Maiar Exchange transactions or staking rewards / harvesting / restaking.

What have you tried to fix this so far?
I have dug into this forum, looked at previous suggestions and posts, removed and re-added the ELGD wallets, and searched through Reddit. The current admin recommendation is to just manually build a spreadsheet… this is a massive, massive request for Maiar users - I’m hoping the team can provide this capability in time for tax year 2021 (April, 2022).

Thank you


I am in the same situation. Any users that have used the Maiar DEX since it launched and hung in there through all the changes and issues since then, are going to have a huge problem trying to sort this out. And all the Maiar issues are separate/ontop of not seeing any of the native staking actions/rewards, etc from the main Elrond web wallet. Best efforts on this for 2021 may just be adding the main Elrond wallet and hoping next year (2022) that we have some more options for taking into account staking activity and also the Maiar DEX and other ecosystem activities…


Plus 1 for this. I’ve got no idea how to sort my tax until this is done.


Can you add this functionality please


This is a big problem for us EGLD/Maiar users! I have 300+ transactions last year “missing purchase history” because of this missing staking rewards functionality and I only started on Maiar exchange farming in November. This is already my biggest problem for 2021 taxes and 2022 taxes will be even more painful if this is not addressed. I already switched from over to and just purchased the tax package - so am hopeful you guys will get it done sometime this year (I’ll be extending my taxes till October, so the sooner, the better :smiley: )!!

Thanks for listening to us. Maiar exchange will be growing I believe so solving this will be huge boon to win over the entire Maiar exchange community with a tax tool program that solves it nicely for staking rewards…


I have the same problem as many here regarding I am skeptical though that the solution lies in Koinly. It is impossible at the moment to export the transaction history in the exchange itself, even as simple as a csv file. I tried manually exporting it at only to find out that the transaction prices don’t stand there. There is also a stack of people angry with hte exchange with their lack of reply on the topic (export to CSV - Feature Requests - Maiar Community).


This actually forced me to leave the EGLD as an investment and im still in deep shit because i will have to manually enter the transactions instead of working automation.


This needs to be sorted out ASAP. Additionally with Metabonding and weekly rewards the number of transactions cannot be handled manually. Please fix this - EGLD & Maiar should be a top priority as the network is growing


Hi @Mbccpea , @Crypto_TR , @J_Green , @ACP , @jdfagan, @andre_cb , @J_K and @marco_adetto , thanks for your feedback here.

Definitely ! This is an important update and something that is in the pipeline. Here is the integration task to our devs Maiar.Exchange Liquidity / Farming / Swapping / MEX Token | Integrations | Koinly

Please do upvote it to add more visibility and prioritize it against other ones. Feel free also to add your comments there, they are most welcome!

Also thanks for bearing with us here and for your understanding :pray:

Cheers, have a great day!


We are paying customers here and this has been in the waited for months and multiple posts made about this i’ve had to extend my tax report 3 times already. This needs to get sorted out! We need this including ESDTS.

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Yes I am big EGLD fan from Australia. Please help us to have staking functionality so we can do our tax. EGLD is the only coin I hold these days so Koinly is not very useful if it can’t sync with EGLD and perceive transactions related to staking with the Maiar App.



Months later and still no answers or actions? What is this?