Please add 2FA to Koinly

Can you please add 2FA to Koinly. The recent ledger hack shows the value of crypto holders names and addresses.

I understand 2FA would only protect each user and not your entire customer list.

I love the Koinly service and would love it even more if you could add 2FA - (not SMS) to your service.

Surely you can connect the Google Authenticator?

I concur. 2FA is a must in this industry in my honest opinion.


Agree, this is a must for me to be a recurring client or I’ll probably change to another service that offers this.



From my little research on how data is secured at Koinly, it looks like they are not keeping any records of the personal information, like official name associated with the “portfolio” in their own database.
They are using stripe ( to validate the purchase of the plan, that’s the one who have all the personal information I believe. I have always found strange as well not having 2FA, but maybe that’s the reason.

You are maybe just a number in their database, without anything else attached, at least it s what I’ve understood but I would love to have more clarification on this…

I really believe they should communicate a bit more on how privacy is handled. They could even put this in front of their webpage, people starts to care more about their privacy, and this awareness is just starting.
That would help to bring them more clients and also not lose any.


Yes, please and thank you.

Agreed 100%. Any and all username/password checks should provide the user with an option to add 2FA, but 2FA won’t protect any of our information from being stolen from a ‘back end’ database. It will stop someone who guesses a password from accessing someone’s dashboard (which is a honey pot of details that can be used for further social engineering)… so, yes 2FA option should be added.

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+1 please.
Need Google authenticator and Yubikey support

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This one is a must, are you guys at Koinly even reading this? We need to hear your voice!

adding 2FA is really important +1

Yes please, 2FA is vital.


Yes, please. It is an important feature!

This would be a great add – I am surprised it isn’t already offered.