Phantom Wallet | FLUXB Token | API Value Wrong in Koinly

I have a newer token called FLUXB in my Phantom wallet.

All other tokens on the Phantom wallet have correct information/values in Koinly.

All purchases are coming over API to Koinly just fine:

But Koinly is showing NO balance as seen here and "reported API balance from Koinly) It says 0.0000 balance.

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I am seeing similar behavior in Koinly with another Solana token $CWIF.
I suspect this has to do with the type of token both FLUXB & CWIF are.
I just confirmed both of these tokens are of the type: Solana Token 2022 Program.
same as $CWIF.

Not sure if anyone has reported this to Koinly yet though.

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Being a new user could only upload one photo. Here the photo showing 0.0000 balance.

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I have exactly the same problem with FLUXB. Ill keep an eye on this query. Thanks for doing the leg work

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Still nothing, Just posting to keep this thread alive. Is anyone else having this problem please post here, Cheers

yes same issue here.

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i have same issue 0 showing vs what actualy have i was told a few months ago this was solved now its back

It seems to be a problem of Phantom. Koinly do see the transactions but do not receive the balance throught the API. Mine is with $CWIF