Over 100k Txns and Problems using Safepal

I ran a set of bots last year ~100 and over a few months they generated some good returns but took them ~80k transactions. I am conflicted on whether or not to pay the money to report them since it got a little murky towards the end of how much I actually made from them.

I also used Safepal towards the end of the year and have been struggling to import these manually… Does anyone know of a better solution?

Hey @Eddie :wave:

This is a great question! We understand that many of our potential users will be using bots to trade and will accumulate a very high number of transactions.

At present, Koinly can handle approx 100k transactions - any more than that will result in calculations taking a very long time. Its something that we are actively looking to improve upon, many of our users have requested a plan which allows them Unlimited Transactions. Although I do not have an ETA I can share with you, I will be sure to update this thread with any relevant changes. :+1:

In regards to SafePal, we actually support this platform! Have you tried to connect this wallet via API or CSV? If so, what problems did you run into?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Ali :rocket:

Hi Ali,

Thanks for answering my questions.

I was able to add 90k for the tax year which gave me approximately 120k total for all years but when I went to add one more wallet with just 5 txns Koinly displayed a message that the account’s limit had been hit and wouldnt let me add anymore.

And while I see Koinly supports Safepal Wallet I am looking for away to export transactions from the Binance Dapp that is accessed through Safepal. I have been reading and am sad to hear the Safepal team has decided not to create this tool to export transaction history easily. The only way I have found is manual and with another 1k-2k transactions I will be at it for a several weeks.



Ali, here is a screenshot of Koinly telling me I had imported too many.Capture

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Thank you @Eddie ,

Let me investigate this and get back to you!

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