Option to sort wallets, remember my preferred view

  1. Please ‘remember’ when I change the timeframe on my dashboard from the default (This Year) to my personal preference (Last 1 year). I find it frustrating to have to change it ‘back’ to my preferred view every time I log in.

  2. I’d like to be able to resequence / change the order of how my Wallets are presented in my Wallet list. The list is sorted in the order that I happen to add them to my account. I would like to be able to reorder the list because some wallets are more important to me than others. This is particularly annoying when the wallets that are most important to me were imported first and now show up on “page 2”


I was going to submit my own feature-request about this, particularly the “Wallets” tab, which currently always defaults to the “Sort by Date Added” view. I personally find this view rather useless/cumbersome and would much rather see the “Name A-Z” option as the default.

Of course, I would not want to force my personal preference on other Koinly users, but I think a lot of users would welcome the option to pick their preferred default view, so I kindly ask the team to consider adding such functionality!

please and thank you