Option Premiums - Adding Manual Transactions

I am using Ledger X (FTX derivatives and collecting option premiums. I need to enter them in manually but there is no direct way to do it. Best I can manage is adding deposits.

Please help…

Hi @sbones , defo valid questions those!

Please add your vote for visibility to our integration dev’s task Support for LedgerX? | Integrations | Koinly and any additional comments you may have (those are always needed). This helps in prioritizing what our team is working on :slight_smile:

I am afraid we can’t give an ETA here, but the “in progress” status means that it is being actively worked on.

If this is a pressing matter for you, you could add deposits tagged as rewards for the option premiums. Then the exercised option would be either a “send”(for a loss) and a deposit(for a gain) then tagged as “realized PnL”(this allows you to set in your settings “treat other gains as capital gains” weather you want those treated under income or capital gain).

Do not hesitate to shoot an email to [email protected] if you have any troubles there.

I hope this makes sense, cheers!

Hello thanks for your reply but is this bot? I don’t understand what you are asking me to do.

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