Number of votes?

I seem to have only 2 votes for this discussion site. I don’t know if that’s just because I’m new and I will get more later or if that’s a hard cap, but it seems like it’s not enough to express your opinion on things that matter to you.

I understand limiting them some, but 2 seems really restrictive.

I completely agree but I can’t vote on for this because I’m out of votes!

I participate in a number of discourse communities. It’s the first time I’ve encountered one which puts a limit on the number of votes. I can understand the logic behind it but agree that 2 seems too low. There’s just a bunch of threads with 0 votes and very little engagement.

If there needs to be a limit to force users to be selective, I think a limit of 5-10 votes would enable us to support what we think are good ideas whilst still forcing us to be selective in what we support.

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