New Zealand tax experiences

Hey there, I am hoping someone out there has experience with Koinly and the IRD.

I’ve got three kinds of income - PAYE, Interest and Other Income (Crypto). Im really unclear which fields from the tax report I carry over, or is there somewhere I can submit the report itself?


Hi there,

You have probably sorted this by now… assuming you are not running a crypto business you can carry over the Koinly tax figure for your gains or losses + rewards etc to the ‘other income’ field when completing your personal tax return with IRD.

They normally allow you to upload the report when completing the return online through myIR if you want, however it’s not a requirement as far as I know.


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Heyo @naturalhighNZ !

Great question and I will following this thread, as this is a bit beyond the scope of Koinly at the moment to provide NZ tax guidance at that level. We know however some NZ accountants here Cryptocurrency Tax Accountants in New Zealand | Koinly so be sure to get in touch !

Thanks heaps, @Bailey_SKCA for those insights! This is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


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