New here- need help getting transactions from Defi Wallet to Koinly

I got into crypto and have been using the Coinbase app and Defi Wallet app. I am investing mostly in Ethereum. Recently, I got scammed and I’m looking to transfer out of the Wallet into Coinbase. I am contacting my bank to report fraud. I will move the remaining crypto of Ethereum to my Coinbase account and cash out. I will remove my wallet from Defi Wallet.

The experience has me want to get out of cryptocurrency. I may go back in the future.

This is Ethereum for the Defi Wallet. I can see transactions made and can view them in a browser for Ethereum.

How are you able to put transactions from the Defi Wallet app into csv from the app? I need transactions from both Defi and Coinbase so I can report it on my taxes. I’m not sure what form to use. Any assistance would be appreciated.

It’s been a very unpleasant experience and I want to make sure I’m good with my returns for 2023 when I file in 2024 so there is no trouble with the IRS

Thank you.

Hey @Newby

Sorry to hear about your experience, crypto space unfortunately has some characters that have malicious intentions.

On the bright side - you don’t need to mess around by creating CSVs. We support defi wallets. All you need to do is find your public address for the wallet, and use the wallet option.

Coinbase is one of our flagship APIs, so you can connect that with relative ease. Check out our guide here -

Load the data in Koinly, and watch the magic happen! Once you are happy you can generate a report for the IRS :slight_smile:

Hi, I see what is to be done. I can see the Ethereum transactions on my app, but how I would transfer that to my Koinly transactions on my phone?

It’s been a mess since getting scammed. Could I message you?

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