New blockchain integration: HBAR

We now support auto-sync for the Hedera (HBAR) blockchain!

Please let us know if you spot any issues or bugs :slight_smile:

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When i try to connect my HBAR to my account it says it is an invalid address. I downloaded it from Exodus and it worked for my other assets

Do you get any results when searching for your address (aka. Account ID) on this block explorer?

If you don’t, then your address is probably invalid or incorrect. If you do get results here but not on Koinly then please let me know so we can look into it. We would just need to know your public address but you can send it via PM if you prefer.

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Just wanted to thankyou for adding this.


Love the auto-sync integration, makes it a lot easier!

When auto-syncing, it doesn’t import token transactions, the only way to do this is to mess around with csv files editing them as hedera tokens and addresses are different from ones on other networks such as Ethereum.

Are there plans to support token transactions on Hedera?

Hey @moje , good shout!

I made a Canny task for our devs on your behalf Integrations: Hedera Hashgraph tokens | Integrations | Koinly

Please do upvote it for visibility and prioritization. Feel free to also add some comments, we always welcome those!