Mobile App Coming?

When will you have a mobile app? I’ve tried about a dozen, and your site is the only one I’ve used which accurately calculates my returns and shows me my crypto investments in a true portfolio.


We are currently working on an app for iOS and Android.
There is no clear ETA but we are aiming for Q3 of this year so it won’t be long :slight_smile:

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It is great to read that there is an app coming in Q3 of 2021 for iOS! I would love to test it. Is there already a TestFlight link available for iOS?

Q4 is almost there… I guess it will be delayed


when you download in google play, it shows dark mode preview. Does the app have that?

What is the link to the Koinly app in Google Play since I can’t find it in the search?

I would love to test it out myself on iOS when it is available or comes available.

Is it still coming in q3