Minting NFT transaction won't merge with purchase transaction

I followed the instructions on how to fix NFT transactions on my transaction history to generate a proper tax report by merging all NFT purchases/sales (How Koinly imports NFTs | Koinly Help Center), however this is not working for minting transactions. I assume this is because the address the NFTs come from (0x000) are different than the address ETH is sent to (token address).

How should I go about fixing these transactions? I am currently getting a warning on these transactions saying “No market price found for tokenName on this date.”

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Hi Tyler, I have been able to merge an NFT Deposit tx and an ETH Sent tx for an NFT mint on Art Blocks even though the the addresses were 0x00 for the Deposit tx and the AB token address for the Sent tx. Not sure why it isn’t working for you. Are the tx hash and the time stamp the same for the Deposit tx and the Send tx you are trying to merge?

If the merge fails, my fallback would be to soft delete the Deposit tx and Send tx and enter a manual Trade/Exchange using NFT# as your placeholder. Not at all ideal if you have a lot of these issues.

I am having the same issue. Some of them merged automatically, but it has missed a few and if I manually merge them it gives me an error

Hi @tylerpashigian,

There are a few reasons why that may be happening, like inconsistent timestamps.

Here, I would really advise reaching out to us at [email protected] . We will be able to take a peak at your account and pinpoint the issue. Merging NFT trades should not normally present any issue.

Cheers, we will be waiting for your email :slight_smile:

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