Metamask Cross Chain Support

Metamask API transaction import only supports the Ethereum blockchain currently.

Support and features need to be added for other chains used in Metamask since all blockchains within Metamask share the same address. As such additional wallets cannot be added to Koinly for each separate blockchain since the “API Key” for Metamask on the Ethereum chain exists.

The following is not an exhaustive list, merely a sample Binance Smart Chain, Go Chain, Harmony One, Matic, Avalanche, Heco; these all share the same wallet address and cannot be added as a new wallet in the Koinly interface.

Is there a solution or update to handle this functionality in Koinly?

I believe Polygon chain and Binance Smart chain can be added using the same Metamask wallet address. However, your point remains: support is needed for the other chains you listed, as well as:

  • Fantom; and
  • CELO;

as these also use the same Metamask wallet address but are currently not supported.

Also, support is needed for Fantom’s native Opera chain (i.e. transactions conducted using the Fantom PWA wallet).