Manual or Custom Price Feeds

Loving Koinly so far, the best tool I’ve used to date for sorting out the nightmare that is my crypto accounting.

One feature that I would really like to see is to be able to add custom or manual price feeds. A lot of tokens are not getting prices automatically which requires me to enter the value manually for each transaction. And is also ruining the dashboard as it assumes a loss if it can’t work out market value.

Please can you add a way to create our own price feeds for tokens? This could be a simple as uploading a spreadsheet but would be even better to allow us to set rules or formulas for tokens.

For instance yield bearing tokens are linked to their underlying. So a yield bearing version of USDC could read from USDC instead.

For ethereum tokens a lot of LP tokens are pricePerShare based. So another idea would be to allow a formula. Look in the pricePerShare read value and multiply by the price of the underlying.

Happy to help with this implementation if its something you pursue.

I know this is a feature request. But the feature request board looks like it is closed so posting here.

Hey @kinvesties

I have created this feature request on your behalf :slight_smile:

I will also add - if you have a file with the prices of an asset, you can send this to our currency team on [email protected] and they can potentially upload it to our database. :+1: