Manual NFT & LP List

I hope we could eventually have a report that has all the manual NFTS and LPs added, or even just a filter for all the manual NFTs and LPs added. We already have the manual tag filter on Koinly, but it currently doesn’t just list the NFTs and LPs added to it.

Hi @Panda_Gaming :wave:t2:

Thanks for your message. :blush:

A report for specific tokens is on the team’s to-do list, at the moment though you can generate a Buy/Sell Report and then filter in Excel or Google Sheets so you only see the tokens you’re looking for:

With the filters, have you tried the ‘Add filter’ button on the transactions page? There you can filter for LP in/out transactions by going to Add filter > Tag > Is … > Liquidity In/Out

You can add multiple filters here so you could add one for In and Out if you wanted to see all LP transactions at once. :+1:t2:

There’s also an NFT filter where you can view specific collections:

Our advanced filters are fairly new so the team is going to add more in the future. :blush: