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^^^ Please add support to this :slight_smile:

Yes please add this will need for tax year this year

I need support also, thanks

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Hello, I also need support in this regard. Please add

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Hi Mellihs :wave:t2:

I hope you’re well and thanks for your request!

Good news, Manta is already on the team’s to-do list and was marked as Planned on the 15th of February:

I don’t have an ETA for how long it will take to get up and running, so the best thing to do is go to the link below and upvote the request. That way, as soon as it’s complete you’ll get an email:

In the meantime, you will need to import this data using CSV files or by adding the transactions manually. You can see this guide on how to import data from unsupported sources.

I hope that helps. :blush: