Lost Crypto in Capital Losses


I’m from Australia and have purchased a Koinly Tax Report.

I’ve had some crypto lost due to exchange hack and have manually tagged these transactions as ‘Lost’.

Now, when looking at my tax report, these lost crypto appear in the ‘Lost Assets’ section. Should I be manually adding the ‘Lost Assets’ figure to the ‘Net Capital Gains’ and ‘Net Capital Loss’ figures?

Can you please confirm that the ‘Lost Assets’ figure has not been included in the ‘Net Capital Gains’ and ‘Net Capital Loss’ figures?


Hi - I also from AU with same case. Did you get an answer on this one?



I don’t know if this is to any help but depending on the tax regulations where you live, you may not be able to count the lost coins as a loss. This is in my opinion stupid, but I also see their (the law/regulators) point. Otherwise you could say the that you “lost” coins while you are simply holding them in another wallet and they would have no way of verifying that. Although I logicly think that it should be different when you lost coins through an exchange, I’m not sure that it will change anything to the regulators.

Although you should take this advice with a grain of salt, since the laws about crypto are new, still evolving and are different depending on where you live. Where I live the rules above apply, but I don’t live in Australia. So I would suggest you check the law around lost coins there.

Anyway, hope this helps!