'Loan Interest' Listed Under 'Captal Gains'

On my ‘Complete Tax Report’ some of my ‘Loan Interest’ transactions from BlockFi and Celsius Network are also duplicated under my ‘Captain Gains’, because it says a bulk of the transactions were “sold” on two specific dates, despite in the case of Celsius Network having never made a withdraw from the wallet.

Also to note:
-These transactions still appear under ‘Income’
-Theses transactions have the proper label
-It is also pulling ‘Loan Interest’ transactions from last year because it says I sold them this year
-While they show a gain/loss of 0$, this is not shown on the TurboTax report
-This has not been an issue from either of these wallets in the past

Does the current state of each firm have something to so with it?

Hey @Timesplitter,

To really get to the bottom of this, we’d need to able to have a look at the transactions you mention.

Can you please reach out to us so we can have a look into this? It’d be important to include as much information as possible on all relevant transactions (such as date/time/asset).

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