Little survey for graduation thesis

I hope i will not be banned :slight_smile:
My name is Stephan and I study accounting at Wroclaw University of Economics. I am finishing the bachelor degree and working on a graduation thesis about the prospects of crypto accounting. Could you provide me some details for statistical purposes? By these insights you will make an invaluable support to my thesis and might be in Poland crypto currency circulation.

  1. What audience your company is targeted to? The main focus is on financial institutions or individuals? According to your research, who uses your service more?
  2. One of the helpful features of your service is tax calculations. Do you provide a readymade tax report or just export all transactions in the necessary format?
  3. What about importing mining gains? Not many services provide such a feature, is it popular?

I will be glad if you answer these questions and provide your oppinion. I understand it can be confidential information but everything will be used in academic goals only. Thank you for your attention!

Hi @Steve_Oq

I understand the request, but unfortunately we cant share any statistics about our userbase or activity.

I can give you surface answers, and you are welcome to use Koinly to understand how it works, I am sure this would help.

  1. We cater to both individual traders/investors and also accountants who have crypto trading clients.

2.We generate pre-filled tax forms from several countries, and also offer a Complete Tax Report which includes a full breakdown of your activity.

3.Users are able to import mining data, and can choose to categorise this as Income.

I apologise if the above is not too helpful for your thesis, however further analytics would be highly confidential and against our privacy policy.

Best wishes!

Thank you for your response!