Liquidity Pools according to Australian Tax Law

Hello Koinly team,

I have a case where I locked my tokens into a smart contract in order to get some rewards. I didn’t receive any Liquidity Pool tokens back.

I asked Australian Tax Office (ATO) for their interpretation, and they said, that when the token leaves my wallet, it’s a disposal (so it triggers a Capital Gain Tax event). However, at this point I acquire a right to unlock the tokens in the future. Hence, when unlocking, I trade the right for the tokens. Because I’m disposing my right, it also triggers a Capital Gain Tax event. Hence I need to be able to attach cost basis to the unlock transaction.

In short, according to the ATO:

  1. When I send my tokens into an external contract, and I’m able to request these tokens back in the future, I trade the tokens in exchange for the right to unlock them.
  2. When I request the tokens back, I trade the right to unlock them in exchange for the tokens.

There are two Capital Gain Tax events in this scenario. How can I correctly mark them in Koinly?

For a sake of clarity, here are my transactions: