Ledger showing a non existing balance

I have three XRP wallets connected to my Ledger Live. Only one wallet has my XRP in it, however, the other two wallets are showing a very large allocation of XRP, tripling the amount I actually have. What should I do? Should I manually remove those amounts? And if so, how? Why is it showing such a fundamental mistake like this?? (Not to mention two Metamask wallets showing 6 ETH combined, which I do NOT have…)

I imported via the CSV file.

I haven’t fixed anything yet, because I don’t know what to do exactly… Taxes are due April 2nd where I live!! Help please. I have sent emails to support to no avail.

Hey @dtOth :wave:

Good to hear from you!

Please dont import blockchain data via CSV files - this is not recommended and the CSV files are usually very messy.

In your Ledgers CSV, you will notice a column for XPUB - please import your data using this public key for its respective wallet.

Metamask - please import your data using public keys also. Its very rare that you should see any issues with ETH. Please make sure its not flagging a fake phishing token version of ETH - this can be easily spotted since it imports as a grey token.

Finally - its tough to give you help without looking at your account, would it be possible to ask you to open a support ticket? One of the team will be able to set this right for you pretty easily.