Koinly Updates 7th Feb 2023

Hey :wave:

Some integration fixes have just been released:

  • Cosmos 502 error has been fixed (ATOM, KAVA, OSMO etc)

  • Gemini Reward error has been fixed

  • Huobi error 403 (1020) has been fixed

  • We have changed to a new provider for our XRP integration. This will hopefully solve all current errors relating to XRP not syncing. Please report any new issues but the older sync errors should all be fixed now

  • Gemini API now supports staking

*** Cosmos 502 error has been fixed (ATOM, KAVA, OSMO etc)**

All wallets affected by these errors were given a ‘Sync start date’ by default, because both integrations had upgrades that could potentially result in duplicate txns.

This means that the APIs will only sync txns starting from today so all transactions that took place since the error first appeared will be missing!

To fix this, either recreate the wallet or remove the sync start date and then resync the wallet from the beginning.

The dev team will be reviewing this and hopefully coming up with better ways of handling this so that it doesn’t happen again