Koinly does not know how to read swaps/DeFi AMM correctly

Swaps and adding/removing liquidity on AMM transactions seem to be read wrong.
Instead of compiling as one transaction, it read as “Deposit” and “Withdrawal” and described as a multi transactions. True in a sense that, that’s how AMM works but it’s not how it suppose to transcribe.

In one transaction the address will trigger a bot address to pull liquidity from another address into your address - this counted as “deposit” into your account
In the same transaction, it will also pull token/coin to be exchange out of your account and this counted as “withdrawal”. thus created multiple transactions under one AMM transaction.

Fees are put under “Cost” but have a gain/loss profit? It shouldn’t have gain or loss to it.

Adding/removing to pool also if its trigger different address (adding from removing) will not recognise that you removed and still read as you still have those coin/tokens in the pool.

I end up having to edit it all of these transactions manually.
That’s the positive thing about Koinly I guess that you can easily edit these. But some transaction you cannot edit fee into it. Tried but the fee “Box” cannot be edit.

Other than this, site is easy to use and navigate.