Is pay plans lifetime valid until all transaction exhausted?

I’ve sent the question to Koinly sells 2 days ago
no answers so far …
i would like to order, but i don’t know what i’m paying for …

I didn’t find any information about how long a plan is valid
Is valid lifetime ?
Until you reach the maximum number of transaction threshold of the plan ?
or it’s juste valid on one tax year if you have less transaction than the plan threshold ?

It’s not clear at all, and no explaination about this on the site or on the blog site …

for example

I have 2019 68 transaction and 2020 145 …
if i buy Holder with 1000 transaction, it wil cover both years tax report ?

thank you

Hi, the plans on Koinly are locked to the tax year you purchased it for. If you need reports for different years then you will need buy multiple reports.

Please see this article about the transaction limits: