Is Kava EVM Co-chain supported?

On Koinly, when I have created a Kava wallet with a EVM address, Koinly reported an “invalid kava address.”

I am using Metamask with Kava EVM Co-chain transactions

Entering the Kava address into Koinly does not work as well since it only reflected Kava tx, but not of the ERC20 tokens.


Hi @rainingeth,

Thank you for reaching out about this and also joining the Discuss community!

Support for Kava EVM Co-chain is def on our roadmap. I don’t yet have an ETA for this, though if you want to receive a notification for when the dev team have completed their work - please add your vote to this integration.

If you have any questions about unsupported wallets, please connect with our support team!

Thank you again, rainingeth. Have an awesome day!