Is Coinpanda run by Koinly? Is it the better Koinly?

Just came across Coinpanda. It’s pretty much exactly the same as Koinly - Menus, Layout, Terminology etc - but it has some of the features that Koinly is missing badly, like more than 10 entries per page, selection of coins in the search field super fast and quite a few more.

Koinly team, what’s up with that? Have you licensed this to the Norwegians and they’ve taken it further and bettered it? Or are u working on bringing a feature complete version out soon?

Curious how that works.

I’d love to know the answer to this too. Basically it boils down to - is Coinpanda “better” than Koinly and should I be using them instead?

After testing a few trackers/portfolio managers, it seems the major decisive difference will be the level and quality of support these platforms can offer.

Which one have you liked best so far? I’ve tried several as well. Honestly Koinly seems the most accurate for gathering my transactions, but I haven’t been doing complex defi.

We are aware of multiple sites such as this one that are copying Koinlys app design but they are a scam and in no way affiliated with us.