IOTA wallet does not show transactions

I sent some iotas to a Firefly wallet and configured in koinly with all iota generated public addresses, however, no transactions are reported by koinly. Checked the same addresses at and all transactions appear correctly.

Could you please review your iota API?


I have the same problem

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Same for me. Koinly does not gather the information from the new Iota Wallet.

Can confirm the bug with Firefly 1.2.0

Koinly has a Bug, it doesnt recognise it, but the tangle explorer shows it. It says " [0 transactions]" and “This wallet is empty!”

I have the same issue - is there any news? Thanks!


I have still the same Problem.

Same issue. Any chance of this getting some attention? IOTA hodlers hodlin’ on here. There are dozens of us! Dozens!

Same here. Transactions display on the explorer but do not sync in Koinly. For now, I have added a manual entry until they fix this.

Same here. Transactions display on IOTA Tangle Explorer but they do not sync in Koinly.

Hi Koinly Support - can you please give us an update on this issue ?


Alex from Koinly here :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay on this!

Our developers are aware of the issue and looking into solutions.
I’m afraid I don’t know the timeline for a fix, but rest assured that we are on it!

Best regards,

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Having the same issue, and taxes are due this month. :frowning:

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