iOS/Android app

Will Koinly create iOS/Android app?

I still run Cointracker side-by-side with Koinly because CT has an app. As soon as Koinly has an iOS app, i’m ditching CT completely (and will pay for Koinly instead).


I am sold on Koinly except for this. In fact, I continue to actively look for an alternative that has an app.
So far pricing, transaction limits, poor interface, or lack of integration at competitors has kept me with Koinly but I will switch the minute I find a competitor with an iPhone app that has the other features of Koinly. So, Koinly, please get this done. It is hard to imagine a service in this day and age that doesn’t have an app…



I would like to develop the Android app, please contact me if needed :slight_smile:

I too would love this, and would even pay more (in addition to the “tax” part) to ditch my other portfolio trackers!!! Even if you could create an API for Delta or Blockfolio to interface with (making them think Koinly is a single exchange) - that would be better than running multiple apps!!!

Agreed, this would be extremely useful. IOS user here

+1 for this. Would love to have the ios app.

Can you guys please develop an app!! The user interface on a phone cuts half the screen off. It’s very frustrating :frowning:

What are the pros/cons of koinly vs Cointracker in your opinion?

+1 for iPhone app please. Love Koinly


Has Koinly ever commented on possibility of an app, either here or elsewhere?

We definitely need an app, at least for monitoring then we can forget everything else!

+1,000,000 for an iOS app please!

I know creating and maintenance an app is not easy. But maybe we can start with a good responsive web application :slight_smile:

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Yes please add an iPhone/Android app!!

Been thinking this for quite some time! Nothing quite compares to Koinly’s exchange and wallet sync! My go to for portfolio checking. There are so many portfolio trackers on iOS app store charging money to do half of what Koinly does. I feel a dedicated Koinly app would be a big differentiator and bring in so much more business for you @ Koinly.