Income or Saving income?

Hi Everyone. With it coming up to end of tax year. I wanted to get the opinion of the wider UK crypto community!

How is everyone planning on declaring their income from Staking / Mining / Loan Interest? I’ve recently come across this website:

Which states:

Staking coins is using capital accumulated in order to see a set rate of return on that investment. This is likely to be treated as savings income rather than dividend income. As such any staking income below £1,000 (basic rate tax payers) & £500 (higher rate tax payers) is tax-free.

I was initially thinking of just using the Blockfi as saving income and Staking returns as std income. However, with the above in mind - one could declare all income from Staking / mining and loan interest (blockfi / earn on as saving income?

Appreciate other comments on this?

Mining & Staking Income
This seems relatively straightforward:
HMRC - Mining
HMRC - Staking
From the above both should be treated as miscellaneous income, assuming its just something on the side rather than a substantial endeavour. I don’t think you’d be able to get away with treating staking and mining as savings income.

You might be able to claim trading allowance for this income as a casual service, but I’m not sure. I’d probably give it a try.

Lending Income (BlickFi etc)
I don’t think HMRC have made clear how to treat this as it hasn’t been given its own section here. Perhaps this can be treated as savings income and you can benefit from personal savings allowance. But with savings income you’re traditionally lending money, which crypto is not (according to HMRC). I suppose if it can’t be treated as savings income it would have to be treated as miscellaneous income.