I pay income tax in the UK but I'm living in Germany. Not sure which country to declare crypto gains to

I’ve been living in Germany for the past couple of years. I still work for a UK based company and pay income tax to HMRC but I’m unsure who to declare capital gains tax with.

Is it possible, for example, to pay income tax in one country and capital gains in another?

Hi @CryptoGary !

This really depends on your individual situation and right now this isn’t something Koinly can advise on.

We do know some accountants in both countries that may help you there with legal advice Cryptocurrency Tax Accountants | Koinly

Whichever they or you determine is correct, we will be able to accommodate either case, including possible cases of double tax residency. If you need a more in-depth look into your account, reach out to us at [email protected]

Hope that makes sense, have a great day!

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