I have received tax report for2020 2021 and i am not happy with it

i am wondering ,actually my head is spinning, i have got tax report for crypto for 2020 2021 from Koinly,
as the report i have gained taxable amount lot more than what i have now, i am still new to this area. i was selling and buying on daily basis.
but what ever i have now as total amount (,it is still there in crypto account),
how is it possible to have capital gain amount higher than the amount i have in my account.
and what about my own money that i have invested. i am rookie in this field
suppose: i might have invested $5000, suppose i have gained 200000 or more by selling when the price were high, and there was a time when all the crypto went down putting that 200000 value to 10000. so when i have 10000 from all investment and all transaction at the end, how is it possible i have to pay capital gain tax for 195000. its just an example. I f everybody has to go through this it will be nightmare. hope people will understand my Question :smiley: . if i have to pay for tax what i am suppose to pay, i should be stopping looking at crypto. i will be at no loss or no profit situation if i pay that tax after investing my time and money for almost 2 years.
and there is another question as well if i sell my crypto , am i going to be taxed for what ever i have now or the amount i have will be considered taxed amount in future , suppose if the price of coin remains same.

You can read up on how crypto is taxed here: