I don't know how to report stolen crypto on my taxes

A platform I had crypto held on, shut their platform down on 12/28/2022. they “took” or “kept” several of my assets. I don’t know how to report this event on my 2022 taxes in Koinly.

Hey @Allen_Crimmins

Firstly - please note the following is not tax advice, and any actions you take to represent stolen assets must be verified by an accountant.

If you see a withdrawal of the stolen assets in Koinly, you can tag this as Lost. This will then be identified in your tax report and you will need to work with an accountant to learn how to off-set this.

The other way to directly realize the loss in Koinly. For this, you need to Edit the withdrawal where your coins are stolen and edit the worth of the transaction to 0. This will then show a loss for the full amount of tokens.

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