How to tag income from scams?

No worries, I’m not a scammer :sweat_smile:

…but there are scams lately on Cardano, where the scammers will occasionally send me some NFTs, trying to lure me to some scam website. These NFTs are worthless (and harmless as long as you don’t go to the scamming website), however on Cardano, NFTs must always be sent together with some ADA to prevent spamming (seems to work or I’d be flooded).

So the side effect of the scammers sending me these NFTs is, that I literally receive a few ADA from the scammers through no action of my own. Obviously I have no intention to return anything - I’ll burn the scammer NFTs, but keep the ADA they sent me. The question is how do I tax these ADA properly? Airdrop? Income? Reward? …?

Hi @cargocultprogramming

Thanks for your question! :blush:

Hmmm that’s going to be more of a question for your tax office or a qualified accountant. However, do check out our guides here as we may have one for your country that can offer some advice:

Also, to make your life easier, it’s worth mentioning that you can mark these NFTs as spam now on the Transactions page:

You can then choose to never import transactions from a specific address, or for NFTs with the same name etc. Then you’ll only see the ADA coming in. :+1:t2:

I hope that helps!