How to tag income from NFT sales?

I have a few NFT projects where I create 10k NFTs and let people buy them. The NFTs are minted on-demand whenever one is bought. Currently, the minting happens through a 3rd party service that takes its fee for each minted NFT. Let’s say I sell an NFT for 20 ADA mint price, out of which Cardano txn fee is 0.17-0.20 ADA and the service provider takes its 1.5 ADA cut.

  1. How do I tag this income in Koinly?

  2. Is there a way to bulk add the service provider fees into each transaction so I wouldn’t have to manually go through every 10k+ of them?

I guess I can do the magic also by exporting the transaction history from Koinly (I’m a paid subscriber) and calculating the fees in Excel by myself, but I’m using Koinly to avoid doing manual Excel work.

I really wish koinly provides nft support soon. The null token workaround is beyond tedious.