How to record lending & collecting crypto debt? Lending my brother money

So I lent my bro let’s say 100 USDT for him to pay bills. I sent it from my wallet to his.
Then a few months later, he returns the money back to my wallet 100 USDT.

How do I correctly record these 2 transactions on Koinly so that the incoming 100 USDT doesn’t count as an income? It’s basically lending and collecting debt.

Hey @SB016 :wave:t2:

Good question - if you believe these are non-taxable in your country, you can simply tag the Send transaction as ‘Sent to Pool’ and then the Deposit as ‘Received from Pool’ when the USDT comes back (assuming it’s the same wallet). :+1:t2:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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