How to manually add a loss?

Describe the problem: I’m having issues with missing or incorrect cost basis and have been unable to fix them.

I think the ‘easiest fix’ is to manually add transactions (that are a loss for the ‘profit’ that’s being falsely claimed) to offset the missing / incorrect cost basis.

What have you tried to fix this so far? I found a thread saying to manually add withdrawal, then select “Lost access / Stolen” from the drop down, but I have no drop down. It only allows me to set it as withdrawal. So hoping there is another way?


Hi @KeithB

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That method would work so cancel out the profit (you would create it as a withdrawal, then you can tag it afterwards as ‘Lost’).

To fix the underlying issue though, a Missing Purchase History error indicates there is data missing from your wallet. Fixing these involves adding the missing acquisition of the token in question, so if you’re getting an error that there is 1 ETH missing on the 3rd April 2024, that means somewhere prior to this date there is an ETH purchase that’s missing.

Take a look here as this explains the methods you can use to track down what’s missing:

I hope that helps. :blush:

Hello and thanks for the response.

So, I’ve tried that, and what happens, on the tax reports page, it shows the loss under “Gifts, donations & lost coins” but in the top right-hand side, where it says “Your gains for this period” it doesn’t change. Shouldn’t it deduct the losses? If it doesn’t, is there a way to have it show my total gain/loss without paying for a report?

I’d like to make sure the number is right first.

@KeithB Hey Keith,

THe LOST tag does not REALIZE the loss, it only sidelines the transaction so you can work with your tax professional to claim it…this is the more conservative approach.

If you want to realize the loss against your capital gains, you need to first REMOVE the LOST tag, then open the Edit menu for the withdrawal.

In this Edit menu, you will see the option for “set worth”, change this value to 0.

This will realize a total loss against the cost of the asset.

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