How to mange purchase receipt


Living in Sweden and doing some trades on different exchanges which none are offering a purchase receipt only a cvs file for trades and fiat transfers. On koinly I found a blogpost mentioning that you have to be able prov all transactions. As I see it it will be pretty hard to do that when non is offering me a purchase receipt for my trades so dose any one have any experience with this? If you have how do you handle it? Can I refer to Or the cvs files from the exchanges? I know some Swedish alternatives that actually offer receipt but they are also more expensive and don’t see them as an alternative unless I am forced.


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Tax agencies usually accept the csv files as well as long as they are coming from your exchanges. Most exchanges dont provide any kind of receipts.

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Thanks for your answer. Koinly have really helped me moving into crypto and is now planning to go deeper into it thanks to the services koinly offers.