How to label ROI Dapps

I wonder if I should label funds sent to a roi dap like baked beans, stable fund, etc as “lost”? That way anything I get from them would be profit, balance out if roi’d, profit if went beyond, and still a partial loss if you only got back some… What do you think? Is that the right way to do it? I’ve been wondering for a while and can’t seem to get a proper answer…

Hey mekial2222,

My suggestion here would be that you ask for more assistance on this from a crypto tax professional. Kindly keep in mind that we are not accountants ourselves, and thus cannot provide such tax advice.

You may also wish to check out our crypto-accountants directory.

I’m just trying to ask for peoples general experience, suggestions, thoughts, etc. from a community at large. Not advice. I don’t have a professional to ask anyway and know someone has come across this in their own journey…

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