How to handle non-NFT games

Lets consider a real case to make it easier to understand. A game named Crypto Planes where you could buy CPAN (coin) and load to the game. So then you could buy a plane with 100 CPANs

1 - Exchange Transaction - Spend $1,000 buying 1,000 CPANs exchanging from BNB.
2 - Send Transaction - Load 1000 CPANs to your account
3 - Buy 10 planes on the game (they are not NFTs, so onyl digital assets, no transactions here).
4 - Playing the game, the planes generates 100 CPANs.
5 - Deposit Transaction - Load coins from the game to your wallet with 100 CPANs
6 - Exchange Transaction - 100 CPANs to $10,00 in BNB.
7 - The games goes offline, the developers run with all the money

I have a few samples of this… Since there is no way to sell the planes nor access the game anymore.

A - mark the transaction 2 (send) as value 0,00.
B - mark the transaction 5 (deposit) as value 0,00.

Is that wrong in some way ? This wound give me a 100% loss on the 1,000 investment which is true and there will be $10,00 counted as profit since I earned it by playing the game (so, no money paid)

I’ll leave this open for interpretation, but from a Koinly pespective we cant offer any advice on this as it’s within the tax advice ball park :sweat_smile:

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