How to categorize crypto credit card cashback reversals?

I have a credit card. Koinly handles cashbacks fine. My question is for cashback reversals. How should those be handled? Currently Koinly categorizes them as ‘sends’/withdraws, and thus I have gains, which isn’t right.

My workaround, until I hear otherwise, is to manually tag them as ‘gifts’. Thoughts?

Oh, and I saw a comment elsewhere to simply delete both the reversal and the original cashback… Problem with that is most of my reversals are adjustments/partial reversals. And the way handles these makes it extremely difficult to know which partial reversal is for which cashback, and I have so many, that it would be extremely tedious to try to go through manually and adjust ‘an original’ cashback (as I wouldn’t be certain it was actually THE original), and then also delete the reversal. So ‘gifting’ the reversal seems like a decent ‘compromise’, but again, looking for advice. Plus, if I ever did manually make all those adjustments… if ever I had an import issue and had to re-do the import (Koinly BADLY needs an ‘undo import/undo action’ function), it would then be near impossible to exactly replicate my steps, whereby going back and ‘gifting’ the reversals, while annoying, is feasible.

Normally you need to manually adjust the transaction and delete the reversal transaction

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