How long do I have to report capital gains tax on crypto in Germany?

Am I correct in assuming that declaring taxable gains from crytpo is classed as a voluntary declaration in Germany? If so, is it the case that you have up to 4 years to declare this (after the end of the tax year those gains were accumulated within). Is that correct?

Hey @CryptoGary !

This link here suggests so: § 50d EStG, Besonderheiten im Fall von Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen und der §§ 43b und 50g

However, this one § 50d EStG - Einzelnorm mentions that specific paragraph having been “dropped” so It is unclear to me if that specific provision is still valid.

Here, this is really a case where we would suggest to ask a local tax professional(not a Platypus) to make sure. Here is one for example actus ag | Crypto Accountant in Germany | Koinly but I am sure you will also find others.

Hope that makes sense. Wish I was able to give you a definite answer here. Hopefully one day we will be able to have official tax advisors in the thread but not just yet.

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