How do the different plans actually work?

I bought the Pro plan including some extra transactions which should be enough for my crypto transactions up to now in total. I am trying to download reports for different years but I can only download reports for one year and get a message that I need to purchase a tax plan for the other years. My question is as follows:

  1. Do I have to purchase a plan for every year, meaning that if you have lets say 10k transactions per year then you need to buy the Pro plan for every year at $279-$300 per year if you want a tax report for previous years and not just a once off purchase?

  2. If this is the case that you need to buy a plan for every year, if you have 3001 transactions then you need to buy the Pro plan for 10k transactions? Is there a way to buy just the extra few transactions between 3k and 10k?