How do the different plans actually work?

I bought the Pro plan including some extra transactions which should be enough for my crypto transactions up to now in total. I am trying to download reports for different years but I can only download reports for one year and get a message that I need to purchase a tax plan for the other years. My question is as follows:

  1. Do I have to purchase a plan for every year, meaning that if you have lets say 10k transactions per year then you need to buy the Pro plan for every year at $279-$300 per year if you want a tax report for previous years and not just a once off purchase?

  2. If this is the case that you need to buy a plan for every year, if you have 3001 transactions then you need to buy the Pro plan for 10k transactions? Is there a way to buy just the extra few transactions between 3k and 10k?

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  1. Yes you must buy a tax plan for each year you are filing for. If you just want a tax report for the current year, remove any data from previous years (NOT recommended, as figures will be inaccurate as Koinly needs to see your full transaction history from previous years to calculate correct cost-basis etc.)

  2. We do not offer a custom solution outright, but you are welcome to contact our accounts team to discuss your needs and they will be happy to give you more info. Contact us via LiveChat and an agent will direct your query to the accounts department.

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