How do I start?

I started mining Bitcoin in 2009 (sold 27 of them for $3 in 2010 :frowning: ). I continued to buy small amounts of other crypto and mining since then. Between my mining and purchases I have acquired around $4000 in crypto. I have exchanged and traded on numerous exchanges at one time having over $95,000 worth of highly leveraged at the height and crashed back to ~$3,000. Several of the exchanges no longer exist and I have almost no records. I never really made a profit… Usually ended up losing or breaking even. What should I do now that the government is requiring tracking of crypto trades?

Hi @Russell_Bantin,

I am really sorry about this, but I suggest you talk to a crypto-aware tax accountant first. The initial step towards using Koinly is to import your transactions (via API, CSV files or manually) and if you are unable to do this, maybe a tax advisor can help you.

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