How do I change wrong token prices imported by API?

Hi there,
I’m busy doing my crypto taxes and now I’m stuck with a lot of transactions imported from AVAX by API. When imported by API I can’t seem to change the calculated FIFO price. I’ve tried creating the transaction again manually, but the token Sno token and Snoshare tokens are still without price and not changeable. What do I do? It will cost me a lot, if I cannot change the wrong price of the fork tokens.


Hey @Hanne_Andersen are the token prices wrong or just 0?

Hi Ali_Koinly,
The prices are wrong. As far as I can tell, forks are the problem. Example… I have made trades from SNO tokens to JOE where the token value at the time must have been just about the same as the value in JOE. I have traded into JOE. But the value of the token is only seen as the value of the token today, which is much much lower, almost free, and instead of making a trade 1:1 I’m going to pay taxes for a trade 1:1000.
There are more examples of this. Most of them in which it is acutally possible to get the old price in Snowtace etc. But when I cannot change the numbers myself, I’m stuck.
It’s not that my numbers are so big, that it’s causing me to go bankrupt, but the numbers are wrong and makes me pay unncecessary taxes. Not good :slight_smile:

@Hanne_Andersen have you opened a support ticket? Our currency team can help look into this for you.

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