HNT Helium Support

I have all my exchanges, and all of my blockchains ready to go except HNT Helium. Its a huge coin and basis of over 15k in transactions that i can not import. I was ready to puchase 2021 and 2022 Pro trader but this is a Hard Stop for me. Please support Helium API or wallet CSV Import.

Would really like to see this feature.

I currently am using this tool: HNT Transaction & Mining Tax Export Tool

Download the raw csv and I have a template setup to migrate to the koinly format. It’s not too bad if you do it once a month. I manually copy paste the data I need into the template excel file. The date/time column can be reformatted using a custom format in excel e.g. yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss “UTC”

Would also like to see this feature. I think Helium has enough of a following that the # of users who would benefit from Helium wallet support is not insignificant

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I agree. We need this!