HMRC tax return: computation of each disposal


I’m completing my tax return and after entering the data provided by Koinly as part of the capital gain summary I’m being asked to provide the following:

You must provide a computation for each disposal of an asset which is not exempt from Capital Gains Tax. If you do not attach a computation you must provide the information in Any other information.

How can I get this information out of Koinly? Or can I export a report for all coins rather than per coin? If you’ve ran into this, what did you do?


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Hi all!

The Capital Gains Report that we generate has this information. You should be fine to submit this as “Any other information” as europa mentioned. Having said that, if HMRC requests the file in a different format let us know and we’ll get it looked into asap.

I’m in my first year of crypto so I have no personal experience yet of submitting this report. Therefore proceed with this at your own risk…

This page in the help implies that Koinly are confident that the full report (including Section 5 “Capital Gains Transactions”) will be acceptable to HMRC if provided as “Any other information” supporting your capital gains return.

Same question as I have, Koinly please advise.

I thought I saw elsewhere (on Koinly) that the detailed computations are not required, just completion of the SA 100 Capital Gains Summary page … but that is inconsistent with what appears at the top of that page.

This is why the Capital Gains Report is not suitable for submitting to HMRC … it is “poluted” with transfer fees being recorded as disposals which in turn generate their own gain/loss!