Hire support people

Hire more support people. I want to recommend your service but your slow response times is preventing me from doing that. Thank you.

Have to agree! I think Koinly has the best product by far, however other teams (CoinTracker/TaxBit, etc) have the edge with support times.


Agree. They recently hired @Nathan_Koinly and @Louis_Koinly, both of whom posted once or twice and then disappeared. Several users have contacted them via the main site helpdesk to ask why they have disappeared from these boards and they just say they are aware of the situation and trying to hire. So, I don’t know what is going on but it is not a good look. I and others are doing our best to help on here (unpaid!) but at some point we will have to find an alternative site for calculating our taxes.


If you agree, make sure to hit the “Vote” button in the top left of the page - hopefully that might wake somebody up at Koinly HQ.

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I agree. It is annoying to wait so long for help.


also agree!
There is a huge demand in this market, get fresh people and if needed capital
You have a good tool, but without support, roadmap, community feedback gathering etc it will not stay like that.